You make some great points. I’m curious though why you don’t put more focus on the underlying problems rather than the symptoms. To election reform advocates such as myself, the most obvious root problem is our choose-one Plurality Voting system. When you only have one vote, you don’t want to throw it away on someone you think can’t win. So rather than vote for a Green or independent, you vote for the lesser evil whom you perceive to be more electable.

Case in point is the last to Maine gubernatorial elections. Radical GOP extremist Paul LePage won both times despite a majority of voters opposing him, simply because their votes were divided between two candidates: the Democratic nominee (which differed in those two elections), and a liberal independent candidate named Eliot Cutler.

But the Center for Election Science conducted a large exit poll experiment which included Approval Voting, where voters could support as many candidates as they wished to. Lo and behold the results completely reversed. Cutler came in first place and LePage came in last place.

There is currently an initiative to get Approval Voting in Fargo, ND. And an Oregon group called Equal Vote is promoting their reform called STAR Voting, where voter’s rate the candidates on a 0–5 scale, and you elect the majority favorite between the two highest-rated candidates. Now a sister org, called EqualVote Washington (State), is promoting Score Voting and Approval Voting via a series of concurrent 2019 ballot measures.

Would you consider lending your support and your voice to these efforts?

Advocate of Score Voting and Approval Voting. Software engineer. Father. Husband. American.

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