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  • Coby Lefkowitz

    Coby Lefkowitz

    Passionate about cities and the potential to create better places at the intersection of Real Estate Development & Urban Planning. Twitter: @cobylefko

  • Dylan Hirsch-Shell

    Dylan Hirsch-Shell

  • Eric Sanders

    Eric Sanders


  • Dan Ellenbaum

    Dan Ellenbaum

  • Tim Buckley

    Tim Buckley

    Developer. Functional Programming. Haskell, React, Redux. Striving for effective altruism 🚀

  • DataGrail


    The Age of Privacy requires a new standard of transparency. We help companies comply with the #GDPR, #CCPA, and similar privacy regulation.

  • Matthew Sibley

    Matthew Sibley

  • Pete Buttigieg

    Pete Buttigieg

    Husband, veteran, writer, Democrat, South Bend’s former Mayor Pete. Boot-Edge-Edge. (he/him)

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