you gave no source, no context, no methodology... just a misleading claim about MJ.

Imagine we were having a debate about climate change and I linked to a chart of increasing CO2 levels over time, and then you complained that I cited CO2 levels without even explaining what CO2 is. The problem is that you’re not familiar with the terminology of this field. If you were, you would know what VSE is and you would know who Jameson Quinn is. But either way, I linked to the source upon request, so your charge doesn’t fly. And I certainly never said anything misleading about majority judgment.

Jameson Quinn himself concluded that:

> [Median-based (Bucklin) methods such as Majority Judgment] are the only ones whose practical strategy resistance is significantly better than 3-2-1 voting.

Man... You're really cheating strong here...

I just chatted with Jameson (the author of that quote) on the phone less than an hour ago, and he doesn’t mean what you think he means. Indeed, you can see clearly that alternatives like STAR voting perform better than majority judgment at every single strategy model (dot color), so this should be obvious. What he’s talking about in that quote is something more like, what is the individual strategic voter’s likelihood of changing the election outcome. This is irrelevant to a quality assessment, which is what the point of VSE is in the first place. He essentially apologized for not being more clear about that.

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