more odd lies from fairvote: star voting

clay shentrup
Nov 12, 2023

fairvote often makes misleading and false statements. consider this one:

Initial evidence from two party primaries in Oregon suggest that voters don’t use the system as it is intended — to express more nuanced preferences — and that fewer votes count in the final round under STAR than in RCV. Findings include:

Most STAR voters don’t score multiple candidates. In the 2020 Oregon Independent Party primary, most voters expressed a preference about only one candidate.

pay attention to that bolded claim: “Most STAR voters don’t score multiple candidates.”

the facts: 61.9% of voters gave scores to multiple candidates.

so this is yet another in the long list of lies from fairvote.

* incidentally, 71% of voters used values other than 0 and 5.



clay shentrup

advocate of score voting and approval voting. software engineer.