That sentence is fraudulent: “B wins under the Balinski-Laraki voting method because B’s median is 51 versus A’s 50”.

No, it is an objective mathematical fact.

Your constant use of expressions such as “extremely poor”, “absolute disaster” and so on is fraudulent — and has nothing to do with “science”.

You haven’t provided any evidence of that. You haven’t refuted a single thing I’ve said.

The fact that you present unrealistic edge cases as the general performing of the system is fraudulent.

No. I showed you actual aggregate performance metrics averaged over thousands of randomized realistic elections, with a variety of voter behavior models. The “edge case” example simply highlights how such unrepresentative outcomes can happen under majority judgement. No one is saying that a worst case scenario situation is likely. You are arguing a straw man.

That images about voters satisfaction that you posted 3 times without source, methodology or comparison over the number of candidate is fraudulent.

You have cited no evidence that it is fraudulent. Indeed, you admitted yourself, don’t even know the underlying methodology. It was derived by a Harvard stats PhD named Jameson Quinn, who formerly served on the board of the Center for Election Science. The complete source code is available here.

Your — so far — unbaked claims that STAR is better (or “modern”, while MJ is from 2007) are fraudulent.

Utterly false. I cited extensive analysis and computer simulation results to the contrary. You rebutted none of it. So far, you’re using the term “fraudulent” anytime you don’t understand something.

the way you use those to impose yourself is fraudulent.

Nice absolutely meaningless hand-wavy statement.

But what you’re doing here is barely more than just trolling

That’s false. I cited extensive analysis by a Princeton math PhD, which directly cites Balinksi’s and Laraki’s arguments showing them to be clearly fallacious, rooted in common naive statistical fallacies typically made by laypersons.

Sorry mate, but that won’t do with me.

In other words, “my mind’s made up; don’t confuse me with facts”.

Advocate of Score Voting and Approval Voting. Software engineer. Father. Husband. American.

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