Ranked Choice Voting: Wrong for Seattle

  1. Approval voting: Vote for as many candidates as you like (no ranking). That’s it. The two candidates with the most votes advance to the general, just like now. The ballot looks the same. The counting is the same. You just replace the one-vote limit with “vote for one, or more”. Approval voting is used in St Louis and Fargo.
  2. Bottoms-up voting: This is a novel form of ranked voting, never before used in the USA. Voters can rank up to five choices, and the tabulation is conducted by eliminating the candidate with the fewest votes until only two candidates remain.

This is not “ranked choice voting”

35% Bruce > Jessyn
33% Lorena
32% Jessyn > Bruce

False promise

A real life example

Marie Perez Democrat 31.0%
Joe Kent (Trumpist) Republican 22.8%
Jaime Herrera Beutler (anti-Trump) Republican 22.3%

Approval voting solves this



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Clay Shentrup

Clay Shentrup

advocate of score voting and approval voting. software engineer. father. husband. american.