There’s a mountain of evidence, and a text from May 19, 2017 doesn’t make any of it magically go away. Anyone who’s read Seth Abramson’s book Proof of Collusion knows this full well.

Here’s another mountain of evidence from Trump’s actions on Khashoggi, refusing to believe the CIA findings that MBS ordered the killing.

This five-party collusion explains why Trump went to Saudi Arabia first on his first trip abroad and immediately sold them weapons; why Kushner uses WhatsApp for all his MBS communications (it frustrates oversight); why Prince was Trump’s envoy to Russia in the Seychelles, why Broidy was given $1 billion in business by Nader; why Nader met with White House officials repeatedly in the first 60 days of Trump’s administration; why Mueller originally suspected Papadopoulos as an Israeli spy; why Flynn, Barrack, Gates, and other Trump allies began lobbying Trump as soon as he was elected to send nuclear tech to Saudi Arabia (partly to build new nuclear reactors, but with a longer-term goal of letting Saudi Arabia and the UAE develop nuclear weapons as a deterrence of Iran); why Trump ripped up the Iran deal even though Iran was in compliance; and more. Look: we know Trump’s top aides were willing to assist foreign nations in assassinating people living in the U.S., because that’s *exactly* what Mike Flynn was caught trying to do — extradite a Turkish cleric to be killed abroad.

Advocate of Score Voting and Approval Voting. Software engineer. Father. Husband. American.

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