This is a stellar example of the unfortunate combination of Bernie’s laudable goals with his muddled understanding of policy. There’s no reason that a subsidy to an employee’s wage should come from her employer versus any other person with money. Money has decreasing marginal utility, so you want to tax the richest individuals the most, via a logarithmic wealth tax. You can then subsidize people’s wages via something like a universal basic income.

This is also the kind of misguided thinking that must have led him to endorse NIMBY zealots like Jane Kim in San Francisco and Jesse Arreguin in Berkeley, two individuals who have contributed to the problem of sprawl and housing unaffordability in the San Francisco Bay area.

I hugely supported him over Clinton because of his integrity. The Gardner video is devastating. I’m supporting Elizabeth Warren for now because I believe she’ll embody much of his authenticity and integrity but also make much smarter decisions when it comes to understanding how markets work, on issues like housing, climate, education, heath care, you name it.

Advocate of Score Voting and Approval Voting. Software engineer. Father. Husband. American.

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